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About us



Our vision is to provide services that meet the needs of our clients and to help them on their way to independence, while operating within the code of ethics and demonstrating transparency in accounts for the assurance of the public and our partners.




Inclusio o.p.s. supports principles of inclusion and integration of minorities in all of the spheres of civic society, especially inclusion in education, i.e. spheres where the state support is insufficient.




Inclusio o.p.s. is a non-profit nongovernmental organization founded in Prague in 2013 to support the following goals:

- equal opportunities for all children in access to quality education

- support of cooperation of all entities and individuals participating in the integration of minorities in the Czech Republic and abroad

- support of and cooperation with all of the organizations and individuals participating  in inclusion of minorities in the Czech Republic and abroad



Inclusio o.p.s. is guided by the following principles:


  • respect to the individual
  • respect to the cultures of minorities and citizens of foreign states
  • battle against racism and xenophobia, especially through media depictions/ protrayals
  • protection and enforcement of human rights
  • enforcement of democratic principles
  • support of citizenship in multicultural society
  • expertness
  • credibility
  • transparency whilst using the provided financial resources


Target Activities

Public service company provides the following services to the public:


  • organization and provision of help to minorities
  • organization and provision of help to socially excluded individuals and families, as well as to individuals and families endangered by social exclusion
  • preparation of educational and free-time activities, projects and events for the children and youth from a socially disadvantaged milieu and for children and the youth with special educational needs
  • organization of educational activities
  • publishing of informative and educational materials and educational tools
  • national and international cooperation in the field of social services and education
  • research and information activities in the field of social services