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News / Lehigh Interns Reflect on Work With NGOs

Lehigh Interns Reflect on Work With NGOs


A few words from the interns about their work for the past two weeks.

After these two short weeks, the Lehigh student interns are now almost done with working with their respective NGOs. Minh had been working with Open Society, Prarthna was partnered with Romea, and Emma and Kira were assigned to Inclusio o.p.s..

Kira was very happy to be working for Inclusio. She is working diligently on an application to promote educational equity. This excites her because it allows her to apply her computer science skills in a way that contributes to a topic she is passionate about. It has been challenging for her to work on this project alone, but the support of her teammates has boosted her morale and the learning experience that comes with creating an app makes the project worth it.

Minh enjoyed working with Open Society because of the friendly work environment. She did intensive research for the NGO on the criminal justice system in the Czech Republic and comparing it to the US system. Everyone at work was kind and very flexible to her schedule. She learned a lot of information and has had an overall positive experience.

Emma has also enjoyed working with Petra for Inclusio. She has been doing a substantial amount of writing for the webpage as well as searching for funding sources. Since she has always been interested in NGO work, this has been a wonderful experience for her.